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Know More About Rider Waite Tarot Readings

A tarot card reading is one of the most popular methods of divination. Tarot readings involve working with a pack of cards (78 in number). All these cards have a picture which has its own significance. A term called deck is very often used in tarot readings. A deck consists of 16 cards with pictures of Greek gods mainly. These cards were also known as trumps. Now in this article we will learn more about a deck named as Rider Waite tarot deck. This is one of the most popular decks in the world of English.

The images in these cards are quite simple but the background looks coded absolutely and very symbolic. This deck got officially published in the year 1909. The symbols depicted in these cards were quite used by the 19th century people who practiced divination. This pack of cards had been quite influential in shaping other tarot decks and these later decks were later come to be known as “Rider Waite clones”. Some of these clones were Aquarian tarot deck, golden tarot deck, Nigel Jackson deck, gilded tarot, golden rider and many more.

Many English speaking people involved in tarot readings were vastly influenced by this in terms of the terminology used by them. Traditional Italian or French decks when translated into English were found to be using this nomenclature of “Raider Waite” in spite of the fact that these traditional decks are far older than this deck.

Raider Waite deck has been used by many motion pictures and quite a few television programs. We find the use of these cards in the most popular James bond movie “live and let die”. It is actually a very classic tarot deck and very well known at the same time. It is also referred to as the “first modern tarot deck”. It makes use of pictures

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