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Is Your Vision Strong Enough

You’ve come up with a great idea or concept for a new business or maybe just a long desired dream that you desire to achieve.  In the midst of your excitement you decide to share it with someone you know and then you here those dreaded words; ” You can’t do that”.  The crushing words that can just about destroy anyones confidence and cause you to doubt and question your own thoughts and ability.

Sometimes it’s necessary to ask yourself “should I share my hopes and dreams with other people?”  The answer to that question is yes you should, but with great care.  Your goals and aspirations are a precious commodity and the same care that you use in choosing who will watch your children,  you must practice the same care with who you entrust with the treasures of your heart.  There are so many people who have given up on their dreams because someone else told them that they couldn’t do it or that they shouldn’t do it. 

My definition of “vision” is the ability to see what other’s cannot.  People will come and attempt to derail you from your vision, not because its unattainable to you but because its unattainable to them.  What they are really saying to you is “why would you want to do that, I can’t do that so you can’t either.  So many times we adopt the limitations of others in a quest for their approval, and end up losing the very thing that we were seeking approval of. 

Do not allow someone else’s fears, limitations or inabilities to become your own, keeping you from the achieving the very thing that you desire.  Know that if God has placed a vision in your heart, He has also provided you with the ability to bring it to life and that’s all the confirmation that you

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