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Question by leela: Is it wrong to use enchanted orcales?
Okay well i am Christian Catholic and on the bible says that i shouldn’t believe in black magic,witchcraft,wizards or anything like that or any other pagan religion example; Wicca but i recently bought an enchanted orcale, for those who dont know what it is they are like tarot cards but these are fairy cards and the message is positive and also its white magic and the bible doesn’t warn me about not using white magic. and i am preety confused should i use them or not?

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Answer by Star Hunter
If you personally do not believe in this, don’t use them.

I used to be Christian and I’m currently nothing at the moment (but I’m learning about Wicca) and well, it’s all up to you, really. If it goes against your beliefs, you probably shouldn’t use them. :/

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2 Responses to Is it wrong to use enchanted orcales?

  • chris says:

    Do pictures on cards offend your sensibilities? If those cards on cardboard offend you, maybe you should be worrying more about other things?

  • Rinchen Chodak says:

    Throughout the old testament the prophets requested “signs” from heaven and used divination techniques such as the Urim and Thummim, and would “cast lots” (another form of divination) to receive guidance.

    The Urim and Thummim were two objects mentioned in Numbers 27:21 and 1 Samuel 28:6 of the old testament. They were apparently devices (perhaps in the form of flat stones) that the high priest consulted to determine the will of God. They might have worked something like a pair of dice.

    Lots — pieces of wood or stone with markings — were used to determine the will of God. They were similar to dice. See: Numbers 26:55; Proverbs 16:33 Proverbs 18:18.

    I find it quite interesting that “christianity” is so conflicted about “magic” when it is quite apparent through out the Bible that the priests, prophets, and everyday people used of magical oracles, practises and rituals to help them discern probable courses of action. But yet, contrary to the very Bible they say they believe, christians are taught not to believe in these things because they are supposed to be evil.

    The fact is, and it is a solid fact based on new advances in Quantum Physics, that what used to called “magic” does in fact exist. Also a fact – the prior Pope, John Paul II was deeply interested in the advances in Quantum Physics and loved to discuss its principles and its new advances and discoveries with HH The Dalai Lama (the most often visited dipolomate by John Paul II).

    Based on the above, I do not believe that it is wrong to request guidance from the Tarot, Oracle Decks, or other forms of divination nor do I believe that doing so is “evil”. If it is good enough for the priests, every day folk, and prophets of old, then it is good enough for me. However, when it comes down to brass tax here, you need to ask yourself what is it that YOU believe to be true and then follow YOUR heart.

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