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Question by Twilight’s Truth: Is it possible to do an accurate Tarot reading using only the Major Arcana of a deck?
More of the intricacies of Tarot would be appreciated, but my main question is if one must use the whole deck to do a single reading or if just the Major Arcana is acceptable.

And suggested spreads.

Best answer:

Answer by Faith is blind
Yeh!.. The cow jumped over the moon as well.

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8 Responses to Is it possible to do an accurate Tarot reading using only the Major Arcana of a deck?

  • Nikonf5 says:

    It’s as possible to read the future with tarot cards, as it is to read the future with birthday cards. Both equally accurate and inaccurate.

  • Dude says:

    I prefer a bedpsread myself, usually cotton over a down interior

  • John F says:

    No, Tarot reading doesn’t work, no matter what cards you use.

  • The catcher says:

    Yes it is but the major arcana represents changes or definite happenings whereas the minor arcana adds a little meat on the bones.


    The Fool might represent someone about to go out into the world and try something new with enthusiasm.

    The Fool followed by the two of swords might mean that person has a couple of choices with their new venture but to expect rows or opposition to the idea.

  • Austin076 says:

    Your assumption of an accurate reading is the part that is flawed, much less an accurate reading using only a portion of the deck. To answer the question: No you cannot get an accurate reading using a partial deck. Too many variable for the accurate reading are missing. But, a good tarot reader in need of some cash could take a reading from it anyway.

    Now, in my humble opinion, Tarot cards are not giving accurate readings anyway, and anyone who tells you different is only doing it for selfish means (money, prestige, physical favors). I read tarot cards for a long time knowing the whole time they were bogus, but, there were those out there willing to pay me a price to have them ‘read’ to them.

    For the record: Palm Reading, Aura Reading, Tarot Card Reading need 2 things to be successful: Imagination and quick thinking by the ‘reader’, and gullibility by the person wanting a reading done. There is no way to tell the future. It all works on vagueness where the person getting the reading fills in the blank, and ‘cold reading’ by the reader. These people are all scam artists, I know because I was one.

  • Where is my mind says:

    The difference between a good or bad reading using only Major Arcana is the spread used and the question asked. A very experienced reader can use just major but the full deck brings the full messages..

  • Helen says:

    Absolutely yes, The catcher explained it well.

    The Tarot is like a dictionary, so if you are only using the Major Arcana then you are using a smaller dictionary with only the main words/concepts. If you use the full deck then you have more words to work with and the answer may be more meaningful. The Major Arcana relate to major life issues, while the Minor Arcana relate to more mundane day-to-day issues.

  • doglover says:

    Yes. Some tarot decks are Major Arcana only (22 cards). good for doing 1 card, 3 cards, and 5 cards spreads. Good for questions with more spiritual nature. I will use the whole deck if doing spreads that need more cards like Celtic Cross, horseshoe, etc. And yes, the minor deal with everyday life like love, work, career, conflict, etc.

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