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Question by hello tom, i think you need help: is dumbledore’s death have anything to do with the tower tarot card?

ok, i was meaning the picture of it also. it is a tower with someone falling off it… and there is lightning striking it… and the title of the chapter is “the lightning struck tower”
oh sorry. but i thought i would just say i found out it HAS got something to do with it lol.

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Answer by Paz y Amor
no ???????????

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5 Responses to is dumbledore’s death have anything to do with the tower tarot card?

  • Ren says:

    Not that I’m aware of.

  • Kashtastic says:

    Maybe it did. In a way… I just looked up meanings of the Tower card and came up with:
    positive associations with this tarot card: re-evaluation, necessary change, a blessing in disguise

    negative associations with this tarot card: sudden change, downfall, disruption, disaster

    Which, if you think about it, could be associated with Dumbledore’s death very closely.

  • curiousCat says:

    i dont think soo….

  • Rupert Grint Girl says:

    Hmmm, well not that I know of But JK may have been inspired by it.
    After all, i am only just learning about constellations etc & there are MANY “Harry Potterey’ things eg – the constellation LUPUS is a Wolf.
    The constellation Sirius is a dog.

    So it may..

  • Sudeep King of Scorn says:

    OMG, definitely. It was on the cards before even time. Only no one read them right. Grim. Trelawney was bad at cards and Firenz never believed in them.

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