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Question by Sheena W: im looking for a specific fairy tarot deck?
hello. there was a tarot deck that barnes and noble used to have. i dont remember the name but it was kinda feminine and kinda dark fantasy. it was a kit that came with a book, a bag, and of course the cards. it was done done by a female artist with computer graphics. but like i said it was a kinda like a dark fairy/ dark fantasy deck but really pretty. if anyone knows anything please let me know =D thank you!!!

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try EBAY

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3 Responses to im looking for a specific fairy tarot deck?

  • Linda_Doxiegal says:

    Do you mean this one…??

    Fenestra Tarot
    by Chatriya

    (Other Format – Tarot Cards & Booklet)

    I simply “yahooed” the phrase “tarot deck that barnes and noble” and got 5-6 different decks. This seemed closest…..

    EDIT – here is the artist’s website….she also has a deck of Wiccan cards which are a little more celtic/fairy looking.

  • grelics says:

    Try this link, they have TONS of decks with sample images:
    You can list all cards, browse a – z, by theme, character and more.

    Good luck!

  • Crystal Star says:

    Sounds like a Doreen Virtue deck. She has several out there. Sounds like her angel kit deck. You can probably see all of her decks by typing in her name in your search. Her decks are not tarot cards, they are oracle cards. Beautiful cards and easy to read.
    There is also a deck called Enchanted by Jessica Galbreth lovely as well. It is also a oracle deck (ot tarot)
    There is also an Amy Brown deck.
    All of these are fairy inspired decks there are so many!

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