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Question by ??88Angel?*´`*•.¸: If a person is perceived as the Moon in a Tarot meaning How would that person be?


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Answer by Rose S
They would experience emotions more strongly than other people. They’d listen to thier intuition more than logic and common sense. The person would also have certain parts of their life that they’d try to keep secret or private from others. Sounds like a cool person to me 😀

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2 Responses to If a person is perceived as the Moon in a Tarot meaning How would that person be?

  • God of Twelve Slaves says:

    If we examine the symbolism in the Moon card,

    We begin by noticing that nothing is well lighted except the moon itself,
    Which is a clue that there are many unseen features to what/who the card represents, in other words, secretes,or the unseen,

    Next we notice a sand path that has drops of blood on it leading from the for ground to a gate in the distance, it signifies that the person represented by the card is likely to carry wounds from there past ( not necessarily physical ) that they do not want to let go of and it affects their present and future,

    There is both a dog and a wolf on either side of the path, the dog representing a friend and the wolf representing an enemy/ in the case of this being a card that represents a person it means that they have the possibility of being a very loyal friend to their friends and family, and a fierce enemy to those they se as an enemy.

    At the bottom of the card we see a crab of a craw fish peaking up from the water, it symbolizes the ability to operate in an environment that is not the natural habitat / which the person must always return to,

    Astrologically the Moon card represents the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is both the child of the moon and the house of the moon, these are very emotional people that form strong bonds and understand a wide range of spiritual ideas typically,and are very passionate.

    The number value of the sign 18 so the principals of 18 are what we have looked at above, and the polar opposite card is 8 which has the symbol of cancer on it which is a clue given to the connection between these two cards.

    In simplest form the Moon is a reminder to us that we have the power of choice between light and dark, that that person represented by this card is not a light but a reflector of what they choose to focus on, what they practice receiving they will be able to reflect.

  • Sadhara Satguru says:


    It would depend on the layout, question asked etc.

    On the whole the Moon is a varied card, from confusion, to illusion to hidden facts. So it could show someone who is deluded or depressed or simply confused to name just a few possibilities.

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