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Question by 15 Year Old Guru: I want to learn tarot cards and palm reading,where do I start?
I want to learn.What do I do?

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Read a book about it.

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7 Responses to I want to learn tarot cards and palm reading,where do I start?

  • Cherry Israel says:

    read the Kabala

  • says:

    See if there are classes in your area.

    I suggest you choose your teachers carefully. Use your instincts and only go where you feel drawn…

    Tarot can be learned by buying a deck and interpretative book. Again, choose one that you feel comfortable with. Palmistry.. I think that would have to be classes.

  • xNickEdgex says:

    Dont do it!
    That shit is crazyy.

    Foreal yo.

  • 70sCh1ld says:

    My ex-wife was into that. Most cards come with instructions giving you the short version on what means what. There are countless books on the subjects including interpretation of what you are looking at in the cards and the palm. Any major book store will have enough to keep your nose in a book for months upon years.

  • ?? Cherished ?cowboys ? Angel ?? says:
  • Ivy says:

    There are tons of books about it in Borders or Barne’s and Noble’s.

  • the traveler says:

    A.E. Waite’s book is probably the best, for learning the tarot.
    i know nothing about palm reading

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