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Learn how to read tarot cards so you can get a peek into the future.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn tips and information on reading the cards in the Celtic cross from a card reading expert in this free tarot card video. Expert: Suzanne Diamond Bio: Suzanne Diamond has been working as a tarot reader and psychic professionally since 1990. She has a 90% accuracy rate. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to How to Read Tarot Cards

  • MrJennyV1 says:

    that aint cool.

  • MrJennyV1 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! Not all christians are bad! though they are the main problem. Well i just think that if they just stop caring obout our imortal soles that maybe we could get along. If you dont like it then stay away from it. that includes the torat.

    I’m not a christian nether. Wiccan.

  • MrJennyV1 says:

    lol nice! xD

  • astrolifter says:

    Is there a place in the koran or bible that talks about sucking cock?

  • HikariHime29 says:

    It’s actually “Quiji.” ^.^ The Q and the U sound like a W. It’s wierd. hee hee

    Quiji boards are for Satan.. “wiji” boards are for Christians! lol


  • MindKontrolleMia419 says:

    @Nich711 I think they can access the negative realms easier than they access positive realms , to each their own

  • MindKontrolleMia419 says:

    it was in portland,oregon the usa
    thats crazy what a mix

  • Nich711 says:

    @MindKontrolleMia419 so are wiji boards for satan

  • 107109 says:

    Hey! not all christians are like that ok?
    Its only the fuckers who misinterpret the bible and It could be the culture that they live in which taught him the stupid SIDE of christianity.

    I’m Muslim and even I believe in the good of christians!

  • 107109 says:

    WOW, which town was that?
    Religion should be a means of freedom not binding! Well, to be honest Im in Kulala Lumpur, Malaysia and religion is a very sensative issue because Malaysian culture tries to blend the Chinese (Christian), Malay (Islam) and Indian (Hindu) alll together so sometimes we cant even talk about it! Malaysia is messed up in that sense cause instead of facing the problems we try to avoid it!!

  • MindKontrolleMia419 says:

    heck yes!!!! I don’t know what i’d do if i never studied wicca and buddhism there are truths in everything and the beauty is how we each individually piece them together positively of course. there are these billboards in my old hometown that say “Imagine No Religion , Freedom from Religion” and that makes me sad and sick instead of that why cant we have “Freedom OF Religion” free agency is the most vital you know, it helps us find who we really are

  • 107109 says:

    Well there are people who take what is said in the Bible and/or the Quran too narrowmindedly. Thats where peoples freedom of mind starts to be taken away. But I believe there should be a Balance: Read the Bible and Quran and take what is true to YOU and what is relevant to YOUR own beliefs ( while using the power of faith ofcourse). If the bible says to stick your dick in a light socket honestly would you do it? Learn what is taught but dont forget to USE YOUR HEAD!!!

  • mcseusa says:

    useless explanation…

  • MindKontrolleMia419 says:

    Right on ! A lot of people can start abusing their gifts and its sad or dont even know how special they are and forget their gifts. Psssshh and people say Religion takes peoples freedom of mind away from them and we got a Muslim and a Mormon proving them wrong !

  • 107109 says:

    I totally agree dude,
    I’m Muslim and I use my tarot as a means to communicte with god If I feel down and I need some clarity from god.
    Just remember the advice from the two of wands: We are never the SOURCE of power. True power comes from god and we are only its conduit. Thats why it could easily be taken away from us if we forget this rule and abuse that power. 🙂

  • MindKontrolleMia419 says:

    to the people thinking tarot cards are for satan, i’m a christian and i love me my tarot cards! they help me to exercise the gifts God gave me and help people find their gifts. if we dont exercise the super powers God gave us how do we protect the Earth from satans b.s.? – SUPER POWERS FOR JESUS!!! whos with me?

  • dithbmine1 says:

    what is so funny?????

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