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Learn how to read tarot cards so you can get a peek into the future.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn tips and information on reading the cards in the Celtic cross from a card reading expert in this free tarot card video. Expert: Suzanne Diamond Bio: Suzanne Diamond has been working as a tarot reader and psychic professionally since 1990. She has a 90% accuracy rate. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to How to Read Tarot Cards

  • cutie101464 says:

    @agolosha me too and im a girl i have 112 Pokemon cards

  • airsoftmasta102 says:

    @airsoftmasta102 corrections observations and questions….

  • airsoftmasta102 says:

    In watching these videos I have 2 questions.


    Where do they get funding for this crap??

  • demonprincessshiori says:

    @lightychan1 Persona 4 😀

  • snager80 says:

    @agolosha i have this reoccurring dream where i read pokemon cards instead of tarot cards. and people BUY the readings from me and they sell better than the normal readings. it’s a stress-dream.

  • agolosha says:

    I prefer Pokeomn cards.

  • MTwords says:

    @millerkazoo never let anyone else touch the cards, package is ok, cards- no no

  • AnobisBloodwing says:

    NEXST!….. How to shove terot cards up some ones ass XD

  • millerkazoo says:

    Tarot Cards.<33333
    I love them.
    But something they left out..

    Have someone else buy them.
    Otherwise, you'll regret it..
    trust me.

  • joyariffic says:

    @marcpaul55 haha me neither 🙂

  • lightychan1 says:

    Tarot Cards remind me of Shin Megami Tenshi D:

  • Tarockspieler says:

    @4HEREISWISDOM Howcast is correct that the tarot comes from Italy and not Egypt.

  • Tarockspieler says:

    Tarot cards are still used as playing cards in European countries! Howcast should do a video on tarot card game playing to be balanced. Tarot is not only used in fortune telling.

  • ilnaras says:

    Ar-cah-nah – how deliciousness pretentious. 🙂

    The thing to remember about tarot card readings is that all things in them are subject to change, and that nothing is set in stone. We have the power to change the direction in our lives that the cards show us. Remember, it’s only advisement.

    Also, reversed cards aren’t always bad, but they so require attention.

    Tarot cards are a window to the intuition, what we already know. Remember that,


    Tarot cards came from ancient Egypt.

  • marcpaul55 says:

    2nd. i didn’t know it was pronounced with silent ‘t’ at the end. until now. 🙂

  • Rewinder22 says:


  • oreosis says:

    @pinkee15 i agree! ^_^
    blessed be

  • imperilolololololol says:

    Wow this so opened my mind, now I’ll spread peace and love to the whole world and together make a perfect world. Oh wait this was just bullshit!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!

  • Lounger315 says:

    Want to do Live Tarot Card Readings from home on the internet and get paid for it? Contact me. Thanks

  • dravynslilvamp says:

    @astrolifter yea first that was a rude question 2 in some practices any form of sex even if it is oral is a form of worship for the goddess of fertility,

  • Nesnatae says:

    I have a Minotarot deck its never been open still brand new deck in cello. I might consider selling it if the price is right. Or I will just lock it away for another 20+ years. .Designed and self-published by Eric Provoost, the deck was issued in France in? 1982 in a limited edition of 2,000 copies. The artwork is black and white, with additional touches of brown in the Majors. The back of the deck is terra cotta with an image of a white 7-circuit labyrinth. The deck is signed and numbered

  • StepmaniaRocky says:

    go up to your URL bar, put a Q between the words you and tube and then press enter or click go

  • sexyasianlatinlover says:

    Quiji derives from French and German, : Qui in French Translation for: Yes, and Ji is German Translation for: No, Quiji Board- Yes/No Board, because people often resource to them for guidence

  • astrolifter says:

    What does wicca say about sucking cock?

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