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How to Enhance the Readings You Get from Online Tarot Tools

Free tarot readings have become so popular nowadays.  There are so many websites today that offer tarot reading tools such as the one you can find at  Reading what the cards are saying using online tools is very enjoyable and entertaining.  It is also very convenient because you do not have to visit a Reader to give insights to your future.  However, you can significantly enhance the readings provided by online tarot if you know the special clues embedded on each card on your spread.  By knowing the secrets of such clues, your self-readings will become more meaningful.   

First, you can decipher the meaning of a card by relying on simple visual clues.  All tarot cards are full of visual designs and symbols.  These visual designs are also present on free tarot card tools on the Internet.  They will be similar to the real deck of cards.  So it is possible to catch a visual clue online to determine its specific meaning.  What you should do is to carefully look at the card and see if you can find a personal meaning to the symbols presented on it.  You have to probe your emotions and gut feelings so you can accurately read the card.  For example, if a 3 of Cups emerged, then you will notice that there are three well dressed women depicted on it and holding cups high in the air.  A celebratory mood is usually the first impression that you can get so this could hold a clue that a celebration might be forthcoming.  

You can also find added meanings to the free tarot card reading on the Internet by learning how to read the elemental clues.  Each suit of a tarot card represents an element.  It could be fire, water, air, or earth.  These elements have significant meanings that are closely

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