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3. New Age gurus often claim that all the world religions teach the same core truth: all people possess an inner divinity. If you are divine you are very powerful. Once realized there is no limit as to what you can achieve.

4. Using alternative medicine such as herbs can prolong the life, promote a youthful appearance, increase memory, increase your sex drive, eliminate infections, bacteria, viruses, fungus and much more.

5. New Age physician Larry Dossey in his most recent book, Healing Words, has listed over 100 studies on the power of prayer to heal, over half showing that prayer brings about “significant changes.”

6. New Age belief in unlimited human potential – our power to “take responsibility” and shape our own future – is increasingly being applied not just to the individual, but to society as a whole.

7. New Age mind control techniques are widely taught in our seminaries, churches, schools and businesses as self-help courses.

8. New Age is a relatively new expression encompassing Eastern philosophy, mystical traditions, Native American beliefs, Celtic Goddess worship and psychic phenomena. In many cases, upon applying these ancient principles instant results are obtained.

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