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How Tarot Analysis helps our psychological and spiritual nature, in this Physical World:

Body, mind and spirit are considered the three aspects to a human personality. Each of these aspects has its own relevance and purpose in our existence. The mind exists in what we call a mental sphere and the spirit exists when we operate in a spiritual sphere and the body exists and functions in a physical sphere. If you realize that these three aspects act as spheres of influence, then we can better understand our inner personality,

It is a fact that when you strive for harmony among the three facets of your personality, you gain more peace living in the physical world. One shortcut to discovering what underlies in your life is to have an analytical reading of the psychic. Tarot is hugely helpful in this kind of analysis. The inner processes will come out naturally, as you speak of your life events, so that you can see why this is happening and what to expect of it. The immediate value of Tarot reading is a feeling of confidence and a sense of relief and ease.

Working with the Tarot cards helps you to identify patterns and their possible consequences. They can also help you answer all the big questions and get a sense of how likely an outcome is and how long it may take to appear. Always remember the truth that all of your answers are within you and not in the cards! The cards merely provide a point of focus that assists you in accessing the inner truth!!!

It is important to ask three fundamental questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? The answers to these questions will come because of meditation, contemplation, or some other form of personal quiet time.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 mystical cards, which for thousands of years has been used for prophesying and fortune

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