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How Do You Tell The Difference Between Wicca and Witchcraft – Demystified

In the modern day and era, more interested people are looking towards the practices of witchcraft. They find a strong allure to the charismatic ideals they can find in the principles and values of Wiccan witchcraft. It means going inside yourself and using your deep unlocked potential to bring about change in the physical reality, with the help of ethereal forces all around us.

There are now spellbooks available online, you can read up on free spells that are available, and think you have been initiated into this tradition. What must be said, however, is that Wiccan witchcraft is much more about the transformation of energies within yourself in relation with the natural world. It’s not so much about what you see all around you in physical existence, like the accesories used in spells. That is nothing but a visual cover to distract yourself from the real powers. If you look at a witch performing a spell, you cannot really get to understand what is happening inside them.

So what exactly is Wicca? Truly, Wicca and witchcraft cannot be disctinctly and clearly separated as two entities – Wicca practitioners use witchcraft as a ritualistic tool. So it’s very common that when people first hear about Wicca it tends to be about the spells and about witches – this is because of the misconceptions surrounding it. What’s even more important, witchcraft can be defined as a separate activity only when it is practiced without the spirit and the purpose within the Wiccan culture. So things are quite blurred here.

Let’s take an example which I think fits well. Christian rituals such as blessings have been an important part of that faith for many eras. If you have seen the movie The Exorcist, then you will remember Father Karras reading from the Bible while casting holy water on a possessed child. But we still hold this activity in high esteem, while witchcraft is looked down upon. Are the rituals actually that far apart, and so fundamentally different in their natures? Consider that on your own for a while.

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