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Question by Charlie: How do you enhance your chance of selling your house with crystals or the metaphysical world?
Ok, what would help is:

1. A crystal that helps sell your house
2. A crystal that makes things look prettier when your near them (if there is such thing???)
3. Some kind of metaphysical/devic kingdom way
4. Any other suggestions

Yes, i have a sign in front of the house, and have a Realtor. Please no suggestions like that. Please answer my question!

Best answer:

Answer by Uncle S
i hope you realize that the crystals are a tool that brings you confidence and relief for the shortcomings that you already realize –

i suggest: admitting the issues, practically solving them, and use the crystals as an aid –

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3 Responses to How do you enhance your chance of selling your house with crystals or the metaphysical world?

  • Jim says:

    My son just buried some kinda statue facing his house in the back yard.He says 4 other couples used it and there house sold the 1st week.I don’t put a lot into that kinda stuff and I can’t tell you what kinda thing it was but he believes so I can tell you next week,lol.good luck

  • QuiteNewHere says:

    I would sooner enhance the sale of this house with blooming flowers, pretty potted ornamental trees and the help of a skilled stager.

    But thats me.

    Beauty as a first impression- and mother nature is gorgeous.

  • neverwrong1000 says:

    …i like shiny

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