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Question by Cozmik: How can I best develop metaphysical powers like Clairvoyance, ESP, and Telekinesis?

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Answer by Heinz M

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22 Responses to How can I best develop metaphysical powers like Clairvoyance, ESP, and Telekinesis?

  • John S says:

    No well conducted scientific study has shown that these phenonmena actually exist. The best bet would be to study up on this first.

  • Dan says:

    Go to your local video game store and pick up the latest version of your favorite sci-fi video game. Have fun!

  • geracudd says:

    put a LOT of salt in your soup

  • Doc. justasinner111 says:

    Maybe a drug will be invented so we can tap into the 90% of our brains we don’t use.

  • M T says:

    meditation. just sit and use your brain alot…

  • zclifton2 says:

    You all ready have those powers and use them every day of your life. They are sensing, feeling, envisioning, enlightening, learning, experiencing, educating and thought processing. And the biggy is memorizing, comparing and recalling.
    Also, your subconscious mind spends a good part of your sleep going over events of the day backwards and forwards, according to recent studies, looking for odd or remarkable markers of danger, misunderstanding, patterns of communication, attraction and or comprehension, all out of the darkness of sleep.
    Sleep is like a magic elixir that enhances your powers of memory, comprehension, awareness, patterns, and the blending of the unbelievable and other tricks of consciousness, all aimed at survival, ultimately.

  • nome says:

    Many meditative monks from the forest traditions of South-East Asia (Buddhist), China (Dao and buddhist) and India (Hindu) cultivate these powers as a by-product of their path to wisdom. If you sincerely wish to achieve these powers, you must cultivate the meditations called ‘Jhana’. Find a teacher who teaches Jhana and if you follow him or her, you will succeed.

  • Sheik Yerbootie says:

    Check into Remote Viewing, which is the program (as the story goes) that was developed by the CIA during the 1970s. It’s the procedure that has withstood the most scrutiny. I’ve always been a skeptic, so I decided to research and test it myself and it’s actually surprisingly accurate a majority of the time; sometimes eerily so.

    Some books you may want to check out are Psychic Warrior by David Moorehouse, The Seventh Sense by Lyn Buchanan and any of the Remote Viewing books by Joseph McMoneagle (Mind
    Trek, Remote Viewing Secrets, etc.). All of these authors were allegedly part of the CIA psychic team.

    There is also a website ( that discusses remote viewing in detail and has what is stated to be the actual CIA manual available for download.

  • Sonoran Dream says:

    I think everyone has some ability. They have classes to help you learn to connect to your senses.

  • ststeve_11 says:

    Ah, Grasshopper… to have this thing you want, first you must not want it. Ego and ego gratification is the barrier, young one. Want nothing, have everything!

  • yrews45543 says:

    You can’t since these things are fantasies.

  • Aiw says:

    These are powers which don’t exist

  • o cool says:

    concentration is the key word. and the believe without no dout will belp you on your way of life.

  • Jake says:

    Those are some of the more well-known psionics practicing communities.

  • Eyebright says:

    The main meditation used for developing psychic powers is focusing your eyes on the light of a candle. They say that in 6 months of doing that meditation every day you will start to develop something…

    The other thing that i have actually seen work is chikung/qigong or however you want to call it. The chinese slow movements like taichi to develop your energy.

    However you do it, i think it takes quite a lot of time to develop.

  • lisateric says:

    Pretend, like everybody else who claims these powers does.

  • rrrhys says:

    remember your dreams.

  • zzzzzz6 says:

    No way. The idea that 90% of our brains aren’t used is Bologna.

  • Sonu G says:


  • sarah says:

    learn all that you can about which ever one you want to do the most. i say this so that you don’t overload your brain. then practice. it won’t be easy it’s alot of work to master any of those skills, but if you stick with it, it will be worth it.
    try these;

  • Shaun B says:

    Do a search on the name ED DAMES. He was CIA during the cold war, belonged to psychic spy program, now teaches others.

  • Mack Bolan says:

    alot of meditation, also the use of crystals is beneficial.

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