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Question by ukantalk2me: Has anyone ever achieved a REAL state of meditation, if so, what technique and how long did it take u?
O.k., so I know a lot about meditation, I mean A LOT. I’ve read dozens of books and articles that I can write my own freakin’ book. I’ve learned about hundreds and hundreds of techniques and tried about just as many, but I havent yet achieved that mental state. My curiosity leans more to the metaphysical side of meditation and I’m just curious if anyone has actually done it. No hour long daydreams about an astral world, no nap times with incense burning in the background, but has ACTUALLY DONE IT. NO B.S.

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Answer by neo
I meditate.

I think you’re mistaken when you think there is a “real state of meditation”.

Meditation is good for your mind… but there is no super-duper magic state that is the highest level of meditation.

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7 Responses to Has anyone ever achieved a REAL state of meditation, if so, what technique and how long did it take u?

  • BrownEyes says:

    yea, i use meditation as a tool, not as a destination

  • speaker of unassailable truth says:

    On a good day i can get into the third or fourth samatha jhana with concentration (aka, “samadhi”, “dhyana”, “dharana”) and can cycle into the second vipassana jhana with insight. Neither one should be viewed as a major accomplishment, as anyone with the intention to do so can if they persevere. I use anapanasati (“recollection of the breath”; MN 118 from the Middle-Length Discourses of the Buddha) and noting practice predominantly. I’m not really sure if that answers your question. If you want a detailed map, check out “In This Very Life,” “Practical Insight Meditation” (available for free on google books) or “Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha” (at ).

  • Desertaosis914 says:

    I listened to a hemisync cd made by the Monroe Institute called Gateway. Robert Monroe walks you through achieving a meditative state through breathing and imagining energy flowing in and around you. I didn’t experience any astral realm or anything but I literally felt this energy around my body. I was wide awake and it seemed like some invisible hands as light as air were holding my legs down very gently. I know this sounds crazy but it felt like some invisible person was sitting on my belly. They also felt as light as air but it felt like someone was sitting on me. The energy felt like when you have your hand over a tv screen except it was around my body.

  • philosophyangel says:

    I achieve a “real” state of meditation almost whenever I meditate. I’ve been doing it probably for nearly 40 years. Now I can be in a quiet, clear-minded, meditative state just as an ordinary person in daily life, which, in part, is the point of meditation practice. I have practiced many different forms of meditation–from Hindu and Buddhist forms of mantrayana, to mindfulness meditation, to esoteric Tantric meditation, to visualization-type Western occult forms of meditation. They have different effects but should all lead to a lightening up of the content of consciousness and a transformation of consciousness. I don’t know what you’ve been doing or what your experience is or what you think it should be, so I’m not sure what to add to this response. In meditation, you are observant and alert. Depending on the type of meditation being done, thoughts and feelings become less and distant or insights about their real nature may become apparent. Sometimes the mind can become so still that the sense of time or sense of self goes away but this experience is quite different from being asleep or groggy. Sometimes, depending on the type of meditation, you can experience an ecstasy or have a visionary experience and get some sort of teaching or insight from it. I’ve specificially written about meditation in my 360 blog perhaps in the entry before the most recent one.

  • Squirrel says:

    I can tell you from my own experience that a higher state of awareness in meditation is not usually achievable with the typical meditations that are taught in books. To get real results you need to take initiation with a spiritual master. After several years with a real raja yoga technique, meditating with others and on your own every day, you will be able to achieve “real meditation”. You will find that meditation is a doorway to deepest bliss and peace.

  • witness says:

    I have all the respect for meditation scholars like yourself, but I think sometimes trying many techniques and reading books about many different things can hinder your efforts.
    I was lucky enough to find a method of meditation which is almost effortless, it is called Sahaja Yoga but it is not based on any asanas or breathing techniques (that are usually associated with the word Yoga, I mean). I’ve been doing it for almost 16 years.
    As for the fact that the states of meditation achieved are REAL or not – I think bragging about that also tends to hinder evolution 🙂 All I can say is they are good enough for me.
    Anyway, good luck anyone with your practices!

  • says:

    Napping feels relaxing, however, it does NOT bring about the natural “stress management” response that you are seeking. Doing something active is the best way to de-stress. Consider the feeling of well-being, after a good physical workout. Another activity for managing stress is the inner activity of meditation and hypnosis.

    I often use actual light & sound machines, within my office. Surprisingly, the “Virtual Light & Sound Machine” Meditation FREEWARE does offer a close approximation of the real deal. The software’s relaxing, hypnotic phenomenon is purportedly attributable to “brainwave entrainment” through “audio-visual-stimulation,” without reliance upon “binaural beats.”


    For more information on light & sound machine technology, I invite you to download my FREE ebook, “Meditation Enhancer,” found here:

    Here’s a list of some good low-cost and no-cost hypnosis downloads:

    Tucows offers an alternative download site for the VL&S Machine

    Psychologist Jerry Solfanelli

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