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Handcrafted Beaded & Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry-Age Old Symbols of Power, Prayer & Prestige

Long before jewelry was used as a fashion accessory, it was used by tribal people, religious orders, shamans, high priests and priestesses and traditional healers as powerful keepers of faith, healing and universal knowledge. Minerals, stones and crystals were gathered into handcrafted beaded jewelry, handcrafted sterling silver jewelry and ornate gold jewelry that were called amulets, crosses, tokens, charms, medallions, prayer beads and rosaries. They believed each mineral, stone and crystal to have unique powers and metaphysical attributes. It was further believed that the wearer absorbed the powerful energies of each stone, crystal and mineral.

Jewelry has long been used in religious ceremonies as well. In Christianity, rings are still used today as a symbol of commitment to one’s spouse in marriage, while a necklace bearing a cross is used as a symbol of faith and commitment to God. Similar to Christianity’s rosary, the Buddhist religion uses prayer beads during meditation to keep count of the number of mantras recited. In India, a bride adorns herself with numerous bangles, jewels, and headdresses as auspicious tokens of the couples’ union.

For centuries jewelry has been used to denote social class and nobility. Pharaohs, kings and queens, princes and princesses, tribal chiefs and emperors each wore their own crowned armor of jewels to distinguish themselves from ordinary classes. The jewels symbolized power, authority, prestige, wealth and nobility.

Today handcrafted jewelry symbolizes a beautiful and unique connection to ancient beliefs, customs and traditions.

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