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The Hive’s Tarot Opening with Janey and Melissa walking south on 7th street, the purple woman at 0:04 is from McEvoy and Rodriguez’s piece “Psychosis by Osmosis”, a shot of the front area at The Hive at 0:06, and Delphia’s “The Fortune Teller” at 0:08. The World: Jophen Stein’s “The World” at 0:13, Delphia’s “1970’s Postcard from Saturn” coupled with a piece from LA Center for Digital Art at 0:15, panning back out of one of Mala’s paintings to reveal all 5 in that series, zooming into the one on the right, briefly cutting to a piece from Temple of Visions at 0:19, at 0:24 behind Mala’s flower is one of Mala’s trees, along with Janey and Melissa dancing in the stars, behind Mala’s whale in the sea we find Nicole Linde’s “Queen of Pentacles” at 0:30 and Blake Gardner’s portait of a sky at 0:33, Mala’s various Peacocks from 0:37 to 0:41, and closing with Stein’s “The World”. Judgement: “Judgement” by LD Grant 0:45 through 0:55. The music is Mozart’s “O Fortuna” from “Carmina Burana”. The Sun: Asia’s “The Sun – I Am You” at 0:56, Leyla Akdogan’s “Ace of Wands” at 0:57, Asia’s Sun again at 0:59, Blake Gardner’s portrait of a sunflower in a tire at 1:01, a piece from Temple of Visions at 1:13, and closing with Asia’s Sun. The music is Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”. The Moon: Prince of Cake’s “Moon” at 1:30, Justin Schaefer’s “The Devil is in the Details” at 1:33, Jacob Rushing’s “Egg” at 1:35, Delphia’s “Masque of the Red Death” at 1:38 immediately
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