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General Property of HEALING CRYSTALS

We have seen many people wearing different kinds of Gems and Crystals with different shapes and colors. Many of us wear it as a passion or likeness towards these crystals or gems and some believe in having success for being fixed to their body.

Many of us are not aware that some kinds of crystals and gems are used to heal diseases and are also used in therapies. These are called “HEALING CRYSTALS”.

These crystals are used for positive changes in the body, mind and makes a person energized with the positiveness in their minds. Not only getting positiveness, but also heals a number of diseases and helps in getting a person stay away from all the bad habits he/she has. There are also crystals that turn many things into bad or good. These are called “MAGIC CRYSTALS”. There are also many developed games on these magic crystals. You find different colors and shapes of these crystals. Every color of a crystal has a different meaning and power. For example color “Red” indicates “Energy”, “Blue” indicates “Calming”, “Black” indicates “Protection”, “Green” indicates “Balance”, “Pink” indicates “Self-Love”, “Yellow” indicates “Inner Wisdom”.

Crystal healing is one of the famous healing techniques the resolving issues for increase body and patterns using different forms of natural crystal. The easiest way to do Crystal healing therapy is to wear high class round bead around the neck. Purpose strengthen the process, but is not required. Metal inhibit the process.

People wear these crystals with a wish in their mind and that they have to believe the stone that they are wearing, only then these crystals help getting the wishes come true.

There is one more way of healing the diseases, which is called

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