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new age records
by C?t

FM Static: The New Age of Pop Rock

Unlike those from the past, who donned themselves on sex, alcohol and drugs (and probably criminal records that can sum these things up), today’s rock bands seem to take on a different stroll, and role, in today’s pop culture. One in particular that made the greatest impact on every music lover, even with an unadvertised single ranging supreme on hit charts, is FM Static.

It was my brother who introduced me to their music. He just came home from school and was playing a song a friend of his had just passed to his cell phone. It got me distracted enough from what I was doing and got me sitting beside my brother.  Before I could even ask (and knowing him all too well), he had already started telling me about it and who was singing it. So pretty much I got the information I needed without even asking a single question, let alone telling him to stop playing his guitar as he tried to follow through.

I’m not a big fan of rock, let alone a punk rock, but the music, and how they had presented it, was something to take note of and admire. In addition, the term “Christian” associated to this “pop punk band” was something (for me) new making the whole song more interesting. Tonight played over and over again (‘till dinner time) and FM Static became a favorite.

FM static is a Toronto-based Christian pop punk band who is currently signed to Tooth & Nail Records, a Christian Record Label.  They started as a side project by Thousand Foot Krutch (One of the Christian rock bands frontman), Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine (drummer). This two-piece (McNevan and Augustine) band also included John Bunner (guitarist during 2003) and the brothers Justin and Jeremy Smith (bass and guitar player

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