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Esotericism in Metaphysics

Nature holds bountiful undiscovered-as-yet secrets for humanity. Normally, we seek to unveil them through scientific means–through our laboratory equipment, processes and methodologies; however, the conventional, material methods of probing into Nature’s treasure storehouse may only take us to a certain point beyond which it is difficult for three-dimensional apparatuses to record, and the physical senses and mind to follow and apprehend. And yet, humanity unconsciously feel that it is possible to wrest from Nature her many hidden arcana or esoteric secrets, laws and principles. Could it be that we are investigating the more subtle aspects of Nature through the wrong approach, through the wrong channels and processes? Could it be that we are being misled by our senses in regards to our perception and conception of time, space, and matter and that paradigm shifts from the old Corpernican, Newtonian and Einsteinian models are required in order to break through scientific humps? There are many brave scientists who are working out this problem to the ridicule of their more orthodox colleagues.

In order for Man and the Universe to be understood as well as all the phenomena that occurs therein, it is necessary to consider the so-called “abstract” and “occult” principles that was once in the domain of Magick, Religion and Philosophy–and this should be conducted in a scientific, systematic, rational and metaphysical manner. If Science is to discover the Ultimate Truth, it must not neglect its investigations into the subtle realms. By claiming that these realms or soul-phenomena do not exist for they cannot be perceived by the objective senses or monitored by instruments is prejudicial and scientifically irrational, as

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