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Watch a very cool tarot reading on a soap opera using Amy Zerner & Monte Farber’s “Enchanted Tarot” book and cards set.

March 10, 2008. Books consulted for this reading: The Tarot by Joseph Maxwell The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber A Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite

12 Responses to Enchanted Tarot on TV!

  • octoberapple says:

    that is cool! that was first deck and it’s still my favorite. 🙂

  • NineofPentacles says:

    My favoriet deck!! That is very cool Monte and Amy- your deck deserves to be well known. Peace and Light!

  • NeskaBean says:

    Yes – I agree! I find that many of us who practice divination have healing powers inherent in our voices. Hers is wonderful!

  • HearthCricket says:

    I love your calm soothing voice. Comforting. Great reading!

  • CosmicNoodleDancer says:

    Wow! You have ~amazing, loving energy and personality!

  • sailorchibimoon1665 says:

    I feel sorry about Selena’s mother! =(

  • superstar020 says:

    This is soothing and fun to watch. Great job 🙂 Also my condolences to Selena.

  • longloudfart says:

    this is outstanding

  • ranzelganzon says:

    hi selena, it looks like you just did an interpretation of the cards but you didn’t weave the meaning of these cards to create one story. I was waiting for you to give an overall interpretation but there was none.

  • earthshakingfart says:

    9 of pentacles, what about the 12 of toilets?.,>

  • witchescabon says:

    i love your soft voice, it realy helps feel the reading more more!

  • mysticaltreasurebox says:

    I have watched several of your videos. This was well done. I liked how you posted the various cards with their meanings

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