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Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine is one of the most popular women’s magazines. It provides up to date information about fashion, beauty, style, health, and entertainment.  Create in the 1940’s in France, Elle Magazine is now one of the largest magazines around the globe.  There are 36 editions published on six different continents.  The articles and editorials are well written and inspiration for women of all ages. 

Women can keep up with the latest trends in fashion and make up by reading Elle Magazine every month.  Elle provides pictures and information about affordable yet fashionable clothes and accessories. Subscription is very affordable, and women can save a lot of money by subscribing rather than buying new issues from the newsstand every month.  Millions of readers around the world regularly read Elle Magazine, including five million in the United States alone.

Located in New York, the staff behind Elle consider “fashion, beauty, and style” to be the main features of the magazine.  They also provide an archive online for readers to take a look at issues from the past. Some offshoot companies include Elle Cuisine and Elle Girl.  Elle Girl is geared toward teenage girls who are interested in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and style.

Each and every issue of Elle Magazine and its many editions is jammed packed with a lot of information concerning issues that interest a female audience.  Even women who aren’t interested in fashion and style will enjoy reading book reviews and health related articles.

Subscribers rave about the quality of information Elle Magazine provides.  The magazine’s features and overall layout is great.  Every page is worth looking at, and every word is

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