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Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 29.45

Price: CDN$ 19.16

5 Responses to Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]
    The Dragon Tarot deck was the first deck I bougth and learned from, and despite the other decks I have it is still my favorite. The illustrations are wonderful and the 78 card format is easy to read and remember. Unlike other decks the cards have the right amount of text, no clutter and blank spots.
    I highly recommend the deck to any dragon lovers or tarot enthusiests. ps- I AM NOT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE OCCULT OF WHICH TAROT IS SO WRONGLY STEREOTYPED WITH.
    Thank you
    -Gregor MacGregor

  • Iceshark says:

    Review by Iceshark for Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]
    This was the second deck I purchased and by far the most accurate in its delivery of readings. The instructions offered are consice and offer a clear interpretation of the spreads. A very easy deck to become atuned to and use. The illustrations are fantastic and remarkably detailed. And if you like dragons even a little you’re sure to fall in love with this deck. It’s a wonderful deck for beginners or the more seasoned readers and very comfortable to work with. I would highly recomend it to anyone.

  • Viktorja says:

    Review by Viktorja for Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]
    I bought this deck to replace a stolen Spiral Deck, and have been unable to connect with it. My readings have come out sketchy and sometimes right out wrong. And I don’t agree with all of the card meanings.
    I dont know if it is me, or if the deck is just wrong for me?
    I wouldn’t recommend this for beginners, unless you have a secondary book to explain meanings further.

  • Kelli Riffle says:

    Review by Kelli Riffle for Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]
    I had the Celtic Dragon Tarot first, but I absolutely LOVE this deck. The images are beautiful and powerful and readings are very accurate for me. A friend of mine did one reading with my cards and has decided he wants a deck of his own. It is a very strong deck, but “welcoming,” almost like coming home. If you like dragons, you will most likely connect with this deck and may keep it as your personal deck. Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Nathalie Wigmore says:

    Review by Nathalie Wigmore for Dragon Tarot Deck [With Book]
    Gorgeous artwork! This is the kind of deck that speaks to anyone with a love for dragons and dragon lore. I fell in love with it when it first came out, and I haven’t used another Tarot deck since. There is room and depth for the reader to expand on the basic meaning of each card in many, many ways. A definite winner in my books. Those looking to purchase the accompanying book should bear in mind that the author gives very little room to card meaning and significance. I believe this is a deliberate thing, so that the reader is forced to explore each card and assign to it his/her own interpretation beyond the basic concept.

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