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Does Numerology really work ?

Numbers and Vibrations have fascinated Man for a very long time. Thousands of people have changed or tuned their Birth Names hoping to benefit from it. Whatever the Numerology Method – whether it’s Kabbalah or Pythagorean or Chaldean, does Numerology really work ? If No, Why ? If Yes, then How ? Read on for some real life, practical FAQs.

The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) listed below are the most important and the most practical ones that are being asked around, more than anything else. If you wish to tune your Birth Name Vibrations, you should read them, to get guidance and clear your doubts. If you have already undergone Name Energy Correction or Numerological Correction, then you too must read them, to understand why it has not worked out to your expections.


Everybody told me about numbers and their Vibrations. I had the spelling in my name changed by an Expert Numerologist. But nothing much seems to have changed. Why ?


(1) You are right about the numbers : they do have vibrations. But have all the vibration inputs been taken into account ? Not all Numerologists consider all the right factors. The parameters to be considered are : Birth Name; Date, Month & Year of Birth; Day of Birth & the Time of Birth. All of them are equally important. Even if one of these parameters are not included, the input system itself will be incomplete. If any of these factors (say, the time of birth) is not available, there are Clairvoyant methods to see through this.

(2) There is an even important contributing input that eventually influences the name : the person’s Karma. Without

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