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Crystal Healing and the Chakras

Learning about crystal healing and the chakras is easy and simple. As a general rule the color of the crystals used in healing are normally similar to that of the chakra. For example, the darker color crystals such as Red, Brown and Black are used on the lower chakras. This is because the lower chakras are slower than the higher chakras; therefore, you need to use crystals that are in tune with the energy frequency of those areas. Some crystals have a fast vibration. A fast vibration in healing the chakras is a Quartz crystal, other crystals are slower and denser for example a Jasper crystal is slower and denser. The slower and denser crystals should only be used on the lower chakras. If you were to place a dense and heavy frequency crystal on a high frequency chakra such as the third eye or crown it would make you feel quite uncomfortable.

By using the correct crystals and the chakras you bring each energy centre around the body into a state of balance. If your chakra becomes overactive, you need a crystal that would help to calm this down. For example; if you had a sore throat the crystal to use would be Blue Lace or Agate as both these crystals help to ease the throat area. However, if the problem is with communication in the throat area, you would need a faster more energetic crystal such as Sodalite; this crystal encourages and activates the throat rather than bring calm to area.

Here are some examples you can use to learn crystal healing through the chakras, we will work with the seven chakras.

Chakra one is the base or root chakra, this is a lower chakra. The main color in this area is Red however; other colors such as Brown and Black can also be used. The healing power of

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