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Courses in Metaphysics

Explore your spiritual and personal boundaries when you participate in any one of the unique courses in metaphysics; and apply your learned skills and knowledge in a variety of alternative healing careers. Whether you already have an established natural healing practice, or would like to begin your own practice as an intuitive practitioner, energy healer, or Reiki master — the diverse and fascinating programs in metaphysics can offer you a world of new philosophies, applications, and history regarding quantum physics and metaphysical theories.

With the role of alternative medicine and healing arts expanding, there are a growing number and a variety of courses in metaphysics for those interested in personal, spiritual, and emotional growth.

Aside from introductory courses in metaphysics, individuals can pursue more in-depth studies in the field; including education and training in advanced metaphysics, meditation, soul and energy awareness, intuitive healing, energy healing practices (i.e., reiki, quantum touch, etc.), color healing, sound healing, guided imagery, crystal healing, aura imaging, light therapy, and other specialties.

The greatest aspect to courses in metaphysics is that not only will you be able to earn your professional certificate or diploma of completion (in your selected course of

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