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Computer Notebooks ? The Carving of New Age

I still remember my college days when the laptop which my America returned RDBMS professor carried along was a charm. It was a beauty to see, with most of students eyeing it during the entire lecture. Years passed by and that bulky notebook was taken over by hundreds of designs being displayed at the shelves of various showrooms.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony Vio and others launched their lightweight, sleek and good-looking laptops giving way to thousands of students the edge they were dreaming of. Today anyone could buy these at as low a price of just Rs 20,000 excluding the taxes. What more these designer laptops came with differentiation for different sections of people like students, executives, businessman, designers, architects, artist and so on.

All this made working on laptops a much easier task than anyone could think. Personalized laptops became the new age game. After that came in the market colored computer notebooks. With colors like pink, mauve, black, blue, these once again became a rage among the students. Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere were the latest features which generated waves among professionals as well as students. Features like Intel processor, inbuilt hard disk, visual display card and graphic media accelerator, built –in camera, Windows XP Professional or Home, touchpad and so made these the best featured latest gadgets to carry on.

One could easily carry these from one place to another containing huge amount of data and information without any hassle. Added

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