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AE Waite and Aleister Crowley were members of the Golden Dawn secret society, so we have to understand that as a member of the GD you cannot give away ‘secrets’ in your tarot deck. Waite kept his Order Vows, while Crowley published secrets.

I will be reviewing a number of decks. This is the one i purchased for my gothic show on saturday. This deck is a little more gothic than ones i am used to and it has a different feel to it than ones that i use currently. But its a hearse show:)
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3 Responses to Comparing the Rider-Waite and Thoth Tarot decks

  • mistressnat says:

    Lots of confusion out there about which Favole suits could reasonably correspond to which traditional suits. I personally think Crosses = Wands, Roses (Flowers) = Cups, Butterflies = Pentacles (matter, physical world) and Masks = Swords (the connection here being: mask on a face which is part of the head, which houses the brain, which is the seat of the mind and of our thoughts. A bit of a stretch, but it works for me.

  • ozarkseer says:

    Loved your site:)

  • ANIideas says:

    You don’t mention that with the exception of the pip cards, these were not designed for tarot, rather the images were all taken from the artists existing body of work and, for the courts, photoshoped to add the suit signs. That’s why the don’t fit any standard occultist pattern.

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