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by ejmc

Chakra Stimulation: Achieve Proper Chakra Stimulation

How To Achieve Chakra Stimulation

Are you searching for the secrets to chakra stimulation? Well it is actually no secret at all! There are many methods one can use to stimulate the chakras. Some popular methods include the use of crystals, yoga, other physical exercises, and meditation. My method of choice is through meditation. It is good to be well rounded in as many methods as possible but i prefer meditation. I have found that it is the most effective method for me. You will find that meditating for the purpose of Chakra Stimulation is a little different than other types of meditation. I have tried to break down the process in this article as simple as possible for you. The goal here is to slow the frequency vibrations of the chakras that can be found deep within our body.

Step 1 Posture
It is important to sit with your back straight. Do not worry about sitting cross legged or in the lotus position. As a beginner, it is more important that you are comfortable! You can even sit in a chair if it helps you keep your back straight and your weight centered.

Step 2- Breathing
At this point, we will start to focus on our breathing. Start to take deep breaths. First, inhale through the nostrils. Then, exhale through the mouth. Find whatever pace works best for you, just make sure it is steady and you stay consistent with it throughout this meditation session.

Step- 3  Drawing Down The White Light
Begin to visualize the white light, coursing freely like a liquid down through the seven chakra centers of the body. This can take some practice to get the hang of, the clearer you can visualize this the stronger the effect it will have on stimulating each chakra.


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