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Question by Battery: Can I get my Tarot deck taken away at school?
I’m getting my first Tarot deck in a few days and I’m really excited to do readings on my friends. I know the main Tarot cards aren’t things you mess with because of their properties but I’m going to be extremely careful with them and do the readings in.. secret you could say. Now I’m just wondering if I could get them taken away by a superior? Has anyone gotten their deck taken away? If it helps, I live in Arizona(for laws, maybe?).

Best answer:

Answer by Christian purity
yes sin isn’t allowed in schools or it shouldn’t be anyway.

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14 Responses to Can I get my Tarot deck taken away at school?

  • Someone Else says:

    Since we’re talking about old people, then you should probably be super careful dude.

  • warrior_soul says:

    If it is a cause of distraction yes. it is not part of a religious ceremony so you can’t plead that one.

  • Anonymous Viking Reborn says:

    Fortunately being a superstitious dingbat is not against the law.

    If you disrupt class time with your cards they’ll be taken away. If you just want to fiddle with them over lunch you can sit down at the table next to the inevitable creepy girl who is always reading the Bible and start telling fortunes.

  • Ruth Aravah says:

    answer: very likely. Learn the cards before trying any readings and leave them at home. Secrets never stay secret and word will spread you’re giving readings at school – don’t try it.

  • Matt666Man says:

    No, they can’t take that from you. Unless, you’re just having them out at any moment that they say you’re not supposed to. I believe you have every right to bring them and use them. At appropriate times of course.

  • duke nukem says:

    If you aren’t supposed to be playing games then yeah. But if your school allows time for games then you might get to keep them. I took my yo-yo to school for a while to use after lunch. and we have a group that plays hacky-sac.

  • lovebird25 says:

    Do you go to public or private school? If you go to a private school, is it a religious one? If so, probably.

    Without considering those factors, you can definitely get the cards taken away if you disrupt class. Be careful about predicting (or whatever you do with Tarot cards) because you might freak kids out and they could say you were threatening them or something 😛

  • Rick Pruden says:

    Well, maybe not tarrot cards. You could say they are for a game or something. But don’t get caught with a bible. That can get you in serious trouble.

    Seriously though, get rid of the cards. You don’t know what you’re getting into.

  • magpieix A.L.M.N. says:

    Providing you are not disrupting classes then it shouldn’t be a problem.

    However you should find out from your school’s administration EXACTLY what their rules are.

  • WalshyFerdinand says:


    I’ve done readings at my old high school before, in front of little old Christian ladies. They didn’t do anything, but just kind of laughed since they probably thought it was all nonesense and i was going to hell for using them….(sorry, I was ranting).

    Technically, it’s your property. The school can take away cellphones and iPods , but not cards. Many people play Yu Gi Oh, Magic and Pokemon during lunch and those are cards; they don’t get taken away.

    Unless you go to a religious school…then I’d be very carefull.

    Forgot to add, during breaks in my classes, many people also play with normal cards (21, 13, all those card games) and the teachers had no problem with it.

  • bloody_mary says:

    As long as you don’t play with your cards during class you should be fine unless you go to a Christian Academy then you’ll probably be expelled.

  • charchar says:

    If my child is not allowed to say a prayer in class you should not be allowed to have Tarot Cards in class.

    If unbelievers want a separation of church and state, then keep the Tarot cards at home.

  • byHisgrace says:

    I’ll pray that you do get them taken away. They are of the occult, and you shouldn’t be messing with them!

  • Gary says:

    I’ve worked in schools for just over two years, and I’ve never seen anyone play with Tarot cards. If I did, however, I would not take them away, though I might ask difficult questions, as I’m a skeptical person and I see Tarot as a form of flim-flam. It would be an entertaining diversion from my usual stressful day.

    Have fun though. I remember when I was in 6th grade, my friend and I claimed to be psychic, and we made predictions. For example, I guessed, using my “psychic powers” that a girl had a tree in her front yard. She was impressed, and I told her she would one day find something valuable at the base of the tree. These predictions were all lies, fabricated out of whole cloth, but it was fun while it lasted. Maybe my failed predictions made my classmates a little more skeptical about the supernatural.

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