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How to “break In” a new deck, how to handle the cards and take care of them. Tarot Essays and Tarot interpretation from VenusSatanas
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The beautiful tarot cards of the Thoth deck are the result of a five year collaborative project, between two friends, Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris. Aleister Crowley recognized the incredible artistic talent of his friend and eventual project patron, Lady Frieda Harris. Aleister Crowley convinced Lady Frieda Harris to paint a tarot deck for him. At the time, Lady Frieda Harris was not familiar with occultism. Lady Frieda Harris, born in 1877, enjoyed a comfortable life in English society. Her husband, Percy, served in the political arena and eventually became a baronet. Still, shortly after meeting Aleister Crowley in 1937, she became his disciple and devoted herself to learning about the deeper meanings behind occult topics. When Aleister Crowley met Lady Frieda Harris, he was 62 years old. By that time, he had been studying occultism for over 40 years and had developed his own school of occult philosophy, Thelema. He also influenced the founding of the occult order named the Mysteria Mystica Maxima, an off shoot of the Ordo Templi Orientis. Aleister Crowley had been a member of other important occult organizations of the time previous to developing his own branch of occultism. In great contrast to the more orderly life that Lady Frieda Harris lived, Aleister Crowley was named “The Wickedest Man In The World” by popular press of the time. Aleister Crowley was accused of being a black magician with an unsavory lifestyle. As an occult practitioner, Aleister

33 Responses to -Breaking In- your new Tarot Deck

  • Malalma76 says:

    Queste carte mi fanno pensare a degli arazzi che esibiscono tutto lo splendore dei loro colori e dei loro ricami… ma si sa che il segreto della trama sta dietro… inaccessibile… o quasi… tutto è racchiuso in quel quasi…
    Grazie per questo video meraviglioso ^_^

  • tojugula says:

    Jimmy Page, I don’t recognized him. The card of L’Eon reminds me at Nut, who arches protectively over the Earth. Beautiful

  • 5SUSANA says:

    Aleister Crowey, lo conozco, ha tenido una vida fascinante e inquietante

  • almacattleya says:

    Ben ritornato coi tuoi video!

  • Qadesh86 says:

    Surreali ed esoterici.. Una fantastica collaborazione!!

  • minuicch says:

    Fantastici…e inquietanti! 5 stars ***** Perfetto commento musicale…

  • girodiperle says:

    thank you! this is so beautiful!

  • jorgebcn59 says:

    Thanks for your video, Shivabel i like it , muchas gracias por compartirlo

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