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Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Download – Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Review

Blue Dragon seems destined to stay just short of great. The series has seen three releases now, and each one has been a solid game — but none has quite edged up into that critical must-buy territory. The original adventure was a highly anticipated turn-based RPG that shipped to the Xbox 360 three years ago.

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It was good, but a bit too traditional and by-the-book to really shine. The sequel, Blue Dragon Plus, hit the DS in 2008 and completely changed the genre and gameplay style — it was a strategy title. It was also good, but, again, hovered just shy of excellence in most people’s opinions.

And now Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, the franchise’s third game, has arrived — and it’s continuing the trend. This game once again alters the core mechanics of play, shifting away from both turn-based and tactical battles and offering real-time action-oriented combat instead.

But the third gameplay change in three games still hasn’t pushed the overall impact of the adventure into that must-have realm. It’s once again solid, but still just short of great.

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Awakened Shadow picks up the storyline

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