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Blank book of shadows ? learn the power of secrets

Before reading this article you must be curious to know what a blank book of shadows is.  learning about which would open you to many unknown powerful secrets. Well, ‘a blank book of shadows’ is a book where all the alphabets are written in a coded way to lock the secrets of witchcraft and wizardry forever from laymen.

These alphabets are written in a special style called the Theban alphabetic style.  It is also known as the ‘runes of honorious’. This name has been derived from the name of its creator, Honorus of Thebes. These alphabets resemble certain pagan symbols. Very often some books of shadows were written in Wiccan alphabets because the community of witches and wizards wanted to keep away all others from trespassing in to their forte.

This was one common reason, why the witches in ancient times were brought publicly and prosecuted by the church. Fearing that their information may get leaked after their deaths they preferred writing the books in Theban alphabets completely. The beauty of these alphabets lies in their mysticism inducing factor.

The occult phenomena, in which they use to engage themselves, remained a mystery for a very long period of time. Whether these acts of magic were effective and constructive, no one knows.

If the writing of these ‘blank book of shadows’ are studied properly, it can give you a hint and an idea of the logical sequencing that followed. Some of these books are as old as 700 years. Some people say that they bear a close resemblance to Latin. In modern world, the people who still practice these forms of art convert the Latin alphabets into their native language to keep away prying eyes. These alphabets of the ‘book of shadows’ are

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