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Bangladesh and India: Will the Dams “Damage “the Relationship?

Environmentalists  and  academics  called  for  a  greater  movement  at  national  and international  levels  to resist  what they  said “India’s conspiracy” to  construct  Tipaimukh dam  without  sharing  information  with  Bangladesh. They also  slammed  the  government’s  role  in  dealing   with  India  about  water  issues.  India  has  neither  ensured  water  flow  in  the  Ganges  as  per  the  Ganges  Treaty  nor  shared information  about Tipaimukh  Dam, which is  sheer  violation of the treaty.( The Daily Star,July08,2009).

Remonstrance over the Farakka Barrage , first in 1965 , led to Indo-Pak war, but in 1975, Bangladesh in good faith , agreed to allow its friend, India to “ test-run “ its feeder canal for fourteen days only. India guaranteed Bangladesh that actual operation will commence after an agreement is signed detailing terms of operation and share of water. Rest is a history of non-compliance from India, resulting in desertification of many rivers inside Bangladesh. Next is India’s move to construct the Tipaimukh Dam ignoring strong protest from Manipur, as well as Bangladesh as it threatens the North-East section part of the Country. Isn’t both, faith and friendship, being compromised?

So why is India so obsessed with its Dam projects? In April 2001 David Barsamian,Director of Alternative Radio in Boulder, Colorado interviewed Arundhati Roy and here is what she said, “the myth of big dams is something that’s sold to us from the time we’re three years old in every school textbook. Nehru said, “Dams are the temples of modern India”, the dam will serve you breakfast in bed, it will get your daughter married and cure your

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