Get Adobe Flash player THE MAN WHO DRANK THE UNIVERSE A film by Brown Eyed Boy & Alistair Appleton A 30 min documentary following Alistair’s experiences with ayahuasca, a powerful plant medicine used for thousands of years by the Amazonian shaman. In October 2004, Alistair, a British TV presenter and till then, tee-total Buddhist, agreed to drink this hallucinogenic tea with 10 other participants under the watchful eye of Argentinian psychotherapist Silvia Polivoy. His life was about to change for good.
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DaVeed is a shaman, author, and teacher who brings his remarkable personal story to us. His knowledge of healing herbs and music are legendary. A humble, yet powerful, presence, DaVeed allows us into his world of magic and wonder with music and words. Ramde is a beautiful singer/songwriter, who is a teacher and mystic in her own right. Her music adds an amazing tone and texture to the show. Bridging’s website is:
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  • bridgingheaven says:

    yes….there’s still much disharmony and misunderstanding around…..we’re playing/working on it…….thanks for commenting……you might want to subscribe to the bridging videos as there are many already available that you’d really like and more on the way…..thanks again…….love and blessings…….

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