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All the paintings are made by Pablo C. Amaringo (1943-2009), a former but very powerful vegatalista ayahuasquero shaman. Pablo wishes, he like people to see his paintings for free, to share with the world. To take care, respect for our mother nature, our earth and to look after the waters: the rivers & seas, what are the veins of the earth spirit body. He also have a painting school located in Peru, where he teach for free. “Ayahuasca is a tea made of different plants that has been used for healing in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years. It is a visionary tea because it produces visions. The indigenous people of the rainforest consider this tea as a sacred medicine and and they drink it for the purpose of healing and transformation. It gives strong purification of body, mind and soul, it reliefs pain and stress and it gives you the opportunity to learn and to experience other levels of consciousness. It also works as a natural mood-stabilizer and it is very effective in the areas of depression and addiction.” – Ayahuasca means, plants of the soul of the spirits of dead. Aya = bitter, death; Huasca = vine or root, the main basic traditional common organic plants in Ayahuasca brew, tea are Chacruna(Psychotria viridis)-DMT and Yage(Banisteriopsis Caapi)-MAOI, or DMT(Dimethyltryptamine) + MAOI(monoamine oxidase inhibitors: based containing plants, western philosophy) like Jurema(Mimosa Hostilis)-DMT+MAOI, or Syrian Rue(Peganum harmala)-MAOI or Yopo
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25 Responses to Ayahuasca Plants Inspirit Visionary 100+ Paintings by Pablo C. Amaringo

  • GeBowsky says:

    I lve it.

  • BlakeBarbieDoll says:

    How talented!

  • 11hunabku11 says:

    I would consider nice an understatement.

  • 11hunabku11 says:


  • sorolon says:

    I love visionary art.

  • LittleMegha says:

    Thanks for posting this amazing video. But I am sad to here that the artist, who is a truly inspired soul, has recently passed away. Thanks and blessings.

  • SalviaDivinorumBlog says:

    This is nice. Check out my ayahuasca videos i have a real ayahuasca shaman singing in the Slide Show video

  • ase010 says:

    Every culture or religion have it roots and language in shamanism with different words and meaning, but symbolical & mythological
    its all based on the same concepts, in the motherlands where the people life and originated from, we all share the same earth source, we are all the same people, nature have been with us since.

  • NeuroParadise says:

    wow! beautifull

  • deejaysoulution says:

    I’m very touched of his paintings ! Thank you 😉

  • ase010 says:

    Please take a look in the video description bar. Thank you.

  • Partymaker007 says:

    What’s this music playing? Would like to find somes like this for ambient music.

  • ootslaton says:

    Thanks for posting this… It’s awesome!… I can’t wait to show my friends this!

  • Protoscrianza says:


  • 2012Glow says:

    This art is DEEP.

  • xnophloglas says:

    Best slide show on Youtube!

  • flicaro says:


  • Konemetsa says:


  • FOXTERRY says:

    You can read more about the introduction and the gradual education of Pablo in the way of chamanes in the book Visions of Ayahuasca (original in English: Ayahuasca Vision – The Religious Iconography of to Peruvian Shaman, by Luis Eduardo Moon – ©1991, 1993, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, supported by For Society the Study of Native Arts and Sciences (Native Society for the Study of the Arts and Sciences), of which the summary of this biography has been extracted

  • ase010 says:

    I’ve read somewhere that Pablo said, he was making art on money paper for to buy food, he was very poor and selling to tourist, its not a crime, not counterfeiting, its survival, there is a lot of poverty in Peru or South America in general. Greets.

  • ase010 says:

    Shaman its just more then words, cause shamanism it self is based on techniques that have work for millennia, to gain alternated states of consciousness, plants are not even necessary, but plants are our ancestors and the most powerful teachers.

  • FOXTERRY says:

    Arrested for counterfeiting, he escaped from jail and fled to Brazil, where he worked for almost two years. He returned to the Peruvian jungle, where he was cured of his heart trouble by a ayahuasquero, or vegetalist shaman. Arrested again for his past crime, he spent several months in jail and was released in 1969. Soon after, Pablo was taught the mysteries of healing by a forest woman who appeared to him in dreams. He practised vegetalismo from 1970 to 1976

  • CosmicCamera says:


  • FOXTERRY says:

    language pejorative term witch doctor.[who?] This is anthropologically inaccurate, and has raised objections among academics and traditional healers, who assert the word comes from a specific place, people, and set of practices.[ Thanks very much 17Revolutionn76.

  • FOXTERRY says:

    The term “shaman” originally referred to the traditional healers of Turkic-Mongol areas such as Northern Asia (Siberia) and Mongolia; šamán being the Turkic-Tungus word for such a practitioner and meaning “he or she who knows.”[3][4] Other scholars assert that the word comes directly from the Manchu language, and indeed is “the only commonly used English word that is a loan from this language In contemporary English language usage, shaman has become interchangeable with the older English..

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