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Question by Mikey: At what age is it normal for kids to start asking metaphysical questions?
My 5 year old was asking me the other day questions concerning the infinity of the universe, the infinity of time, the nature of a supreme being and the meaning of life. He told me he spends a lot of time thinking about that type of stuff.

Is it normal for a 5 year old to be asking those questions? If it’s not normal, what could it mean?

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Answer by Rural thoughts
Some kids are just deep thinkers. My son (my oldest too) was and still is like that. He comes up with the strangest ideas and thoughts sometimes. On the other hand my daughter is no where near that……….just different kids different thoughts.

Now my son is 9 and is very intelligent and very intense with his work. He is a perfectionist (almost Obsessive) and scores above average in all academics. His vocabulary is amazing and he continues to ask and talk about things way beyond his years……….He is also socially very active and has a lot of friends and is very normal (not a nerd or weird or anything)

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3 Responses to At what age is it normal for kids to start asking metaphysical questions?

  • Mrs.Doyle says:

    Yes, it can be normal. But it doesn’t mean they can understand the concepts deeply! They get a lot of ideas from what they see and hear and copy some phrases and latch onto ideas without full comprehension.

  • klmita says:

    I’d say that’s age-appropriate . . . what an old soul!

  • Greg T says:

    As a matter of fact it is normal. My son asked many of the same questions and my daughter decided at the age of 5 that she was prepared to be baptized. The thing to realize is just because they can ask the question doesn’t mean they can digest the answers. My guess is he is exposed to things that would make him think of these things and you just need to think about the appropriate level of your response.

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