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by wallyg

Are You Paying Attention? If Not, Tarot Cards Can Help!

In the latest installment of Laura Rowley’s Money & Happiness column on Yahoo Finance, she discusses a new book on the science of happiness. In the book, “Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life,” behavioral scientist writer Winifred Gallagher concludes that if you want to be happy, you need to pay attention.

“Pay attention to what?” you might ask.

“To whatever your brain is focusing on,” Gallagher would answer.

As she explains in her book, allowing your mind to become monopolized by negative thoughts only makes the situation worse. If you are constantly thinking about a negative situation, your conceptual reality and options are limited. You are not allowing your brain to recognize that alternatives to the current situation exist. You can even become paralyzed by the fear and anxiety that the situation causes. By trying to refocus your brain to think more positively, you broaden your conceptual horizon and are able to recognize more options. This leads to better decision-making on how to deal with the current situation.

Tarot cards can help with training your brain to refocus. The imagery on each card serves as a guide and literally gives your mind something on which to focus. The cards can help you view your circumstances in a different light.

One way to use tarot cards to broaden your conceptual horizon is through a daily reading. You can use your entire deck or just the cards of the Major Arcana. First, sit in a quiet part of your home and take a deep breath. Now spread your tarot cards, face down, in front of you and select one. Pay attention to the pictures and symbols on the card and what they mean to you. Do you identify with any of the figures on the card? What imagery on the card, if any,

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