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All About New Age Jewellery

New age jewellery, also called healing jewellery, is the latest trend these days. In ancient times people used different stones for healing purposes and they considered many gemstones to be lucky for them. But as time passed, people started using jewellery for decoration purposes only. The concept of new age jewels have however taken the inspiration from ancestors and as a result the trend started for wearing jewellery for a number of purposes including; protection, healing, understanding and purification of mind, body and soul.

New age jewels are very trendy and stylish and are available in moderate price range that almost everyone can afford. Pretty necklaces, lovely pendants, stunning bracelets and awesome rings all have special powers and are lucky for their wearer. Necklaces and rings of Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst enhance mental alertness and are known to be good healers.

Sugelite or Royal Azel with an opaque, purple variety of Jasper with shades of dark blue through to bright pink is said to help the wearer to gain a higher awareness of his/her spirituality and connection to the universe. This in turn helps the wearer to deal with the world around them and any stresses that many come their way. In contrast, Pink Kunzite stone is both pink and pale violet in color with strata running through the length of the stone. Worn on a pendant this stone has the ability to enter emotional blockages and enable the wearer to experience love. Turquoise jewels are good for people who are low on their luck because turquoise is considered to bring wealth to the wearer.

New age jewels can make beautiful and treasured gifts as well as reflective keepsakes for friends, family and other special people in your

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