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Question by boosted 1: A question about ‘laying of hands’/metaphysical healing?
Over the past 7-8 months while meditating I have noticed that my hands begin to heat up and become full of energy. They get even hotter when connecting with someone else’s energy field. I dont do this much in public, but with my lady I do, she can feel her energy being affected by my hands, whether its my palms or my fingertips. Well I have used them on her to resolve a sudden skin condition outbreak that she had, and there is no doubt that something almost magical happens…Its like with my hands, I can either push my energy into someone, or pull theirs away, and its always hot. But, most particularly, when I am pulling away the energy from a illness or irritation or whatever, I can literally feel a cold coming from the illness into my hands. My question is, that I do not know much about what I am doing, it seems that I have a very strong start to this, but both me and my girl are nervous that I might be playing with fire…especially since I am literally taking the energy of a sickness into me…How do I need to perform healing without endangering myself, or how do I fine tune the process? Does anyone, anywhere know where I might find an answer to my question…thank you, and have a blessed day!

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Answer by Lord Lazy
Really? Wow

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6 Responses to A question about ‘laying of hands’/metaphysical healing?

  • guyster says:

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but this is just wishful thinking run amok.

    The JREF foundation will give you $1Million US if you can actually demonstrate this ability under controlled conditions, which you’ll find you cannot. Hundreds have tried; all have failed.

  • angrydoc says:

    First, you should find out if it actually works on someone other than on your girlfriend and if it works on conditions other than self-limiting ones such as a “skin condition outbreak.”

    Then you should go do the JREF thing! If what you say is real, then that would be the easiest $1 million you make!

    Do it!
    Do it!

  • Richard L says:

    I would suggest that you pursue qigong. Sounds like you might find some help there to understand what it going on. I don’t know much about whether you will help others or not, but the practice of qigong is believed by those involved to be helpful in bringing energy into the body and expelling excesses. And some of those who practice it do so as healers.
    There is a difference between heat and healing. But as you learn more, you will be able to see if this helps you or not.
    And, of course, if you take the time to write about it here, you will receive some comments. 🙂

  • MrNeutral says:

    No. Nothing metaphysical. You are just able to cause a reflex relaxation of the bessels in yer hands. Hands have many mre heat receptors than other parts of the body. You are sensitive to them. What you have is cool and couldbe a gift as you gain awareness over what they can do. There are even light receptors in the skin. Totally blind people know when they are facing the sun.

    Ads you gain sensitivity (learned) you will be able to feel heat fields. I dont think this should be confused with magnetic fieldfs though. Chjiropractors and massage therapists tend to be more attuned to body heat.

  • Proof is Wrong says:

    It sounds like you are somehow getting rid of fungus colonies in the skin. This is actually a form of cancer. Don’t be worried. It is cured by baking soda. See the fungus is white and so is the cancer. Try curing someone with athletes cancer(foot). That would be the true test. Good luck!

  • Andrea says:

    What you are experiencing is a completely real thing. There are some people that are considered healers or sensitives. These people are able to sense other’s problems, ailments, and are somtimes able to assist in the healing process if they are centered enough. My sensitivity is that of empathy, being able to sense and take onto myself other’s moods and problems. I literally feel what they are feeling. For the longest time I thought it was all my own feelings, but I eventually realized that I was feeling what they were feeling. By allowing it to come through, I am able to understand it better and to help more people.

    It sounds like you have a healing ability. Have you looked into reiki? It is a very powerful healing tool that you sound like you would be perfect for. I suggest googling reiki and studying up. Reiki uses the power of your soul and hands together to deliver healing to the individual. It sounds like you were given a gift that you shouldn’t ignore. There is a reason for everything.

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