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by Bellah

5-Star Spiritual Review of FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, a documentary on DVD

For The Bible Tells Me So is about how deeply Christian parents respond and relate to their children when the child comes out of the closet and announces his or her sexual preference.  The story is told from the perspective of five normal, real-life adult homosexual children and their families.  The families struggle with love for the child and the competing desire to do the right Christian thing. A literal interpretation of the Bible, for example, would mean the child is bad, wrong and sinful in the eyes of God.  This DVD is important because it asks us to consider whether the Bible provides an excuse to judge and hate homosexuals.  Several Biblical experts and prominent citizens talk about how a literal interpretation of select phrases from the Bible leads to a gross misinterpretation.  As one of the experts says, “There’s nothing wrong with a 5th grade understanding of God as long as you’re in the 5th grade.”

The movie starts with 1977 video footage of Anita Bryant, the Christian activist and former beauty queen, singer and celebrity endorser of commercial products.  We see the magnificent Anita making anti gay statements.  She is wholesome, righteous, full of her Godly mission, and very sure of herself.  Then a gay guy in a suit calmly walks up to her and throws a cream pie right in her face.  A friend sitting next to Anita reminds her to forgive the pie thrower.  Visibly shaken and sometimes crying, Anita extends the typical Christian version of forgiveness.   “Father,” she says, “I ask him to be forgiven and that we love him and pray for him to be delivered from his deviant lifestyle, Father.”  The chance to witness such a perfect example of the

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