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Beginner Tarot Reading
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to 045 – Beginner Tarot Reading

  • MissWatzHerName1 says:

    Your video is easy to watch unlike toher videos, i really like it plus it is informative 😉

  • crystalrain2k6 says:

    Do you do cosmic ordering?? If you do im willing to pay for the service.Im trying to find some one to do if for my self but im having trouble finding some one.

  • cloaknpoke says:

    Tarot can be very useful for looking inside yourself in introspect.

  • lotacarolina says:

    I’ve had my deck over 8 years now and been doing readings about twice a month. Tarot is indeed difficult, but they’ve always made more sense to me than others. I think having the cards with the meanings is good if you’re not going deeper in this div. form, but if you wish to understand it better, it is better to have other decks and learn in the process. In learning tarot youll see that meanings change by position now and then. They can get very cryptic and misleading if taken 1on1 in meanings.

  • PeterL524 says:

    cool channel, good to meet you. Made your Tarot card video a fave.

  • PeterL524 says:

    good and interesting video.

  • horsieniven says:

    i am going to start tarot but i am reading a book and i find really hard to understand could u plz tell me an easy way to understand it

  • dravynslilvamp says:

    nice tutorial I was taught Tarot however I have a deck of playing cards that I just use for that purpose its easier than the cards I have a Tarot deck but prefer the playing cards I find it easier. I enjoyed this video thanks 🙂

  • XXtarotXX says:

    Fantastic video! I subbed. 🙂

  • XoXoVANNAoXoX says:

    I have the tarot of the mermaid. It’s my fave deck!

  • zarzandar says:

    sorry now I see that I was out of line asking such a question (notice the rings)
    Fool sure is right lol..

  • zarzandar says:

    I’m a beginer too, I just did a one card yes or no question: sould me and you be together ? Card picked: The Fool… A Major Arcana.This say to me definetly yes,
    that it would be a new exciting adventure,a new beginning. What are thoughts on this reading?

  • billysharp15 says:

    the start was very good! but the end of the video didnt really make sense to me?

  • witchyxbird says:

    I just bought the tarot deck you were selling on etsy! I’m so excited. I never had a deck before! YEY!

  • terror0earth says:

    Thanks for this! Im a beginner too, 2 years only.
    Never heard of the Elemental Spread i normaly just do the three card or The Star.

  • tarot4games says:

    tarot was made for card games!

  • tarot4games says:

    @athenaharris tarot reading isn’t ancient. tarot was really made for games in the 1400s and it wasnt until the 1700s that people used them for divination. people today mainly in europe play tarot card games. tarot isn’t only divination it’s also a card game!

  • livup2life says:

    kk thanks. are you wiccan?

  • CharmingPixieFlora says:

    Check out my video about finding your elemental directions.

  • livup2life says:

    i thought that earth was always north

  • livup2life says:

    wow cool. ive anted a deck for ages. i might get one soon

  • dangerousangels7 says:

    Love tarot. I actually picked it up before any wiccan or pagan books. I absolutely love it! I only have the Waite-Rider deck. I always look at the fancier ones, but I feel connected with the deck I have now. I don’t know, maybe I’m weird. 🙂

  • OggyisCool says:

    get a deck, and it wont be hard! :]
    it’s really fun, and practice will help

  • athenaharris says:

    This is one of the first things that attracted me to ancient ways reverence. Now, (about 10+ years later) I am trying to delve back in to read them. I have been bugging a few expert firends at their interpretations & go back to drawing board that the cards are interpreted directly with your relationship in how you personally read them. It can be varied & confusing. So I got RUssian Gypsy cards (Romany origin) by reccommend. I’m still trying to figure it out.

  • shootingstars1977 says:

    Your videos are awesome! They are very helpful and even better yet is that you confirmed to me that if you don’t like what the Tarot said you can change it! Thank you and keep the videos coming. XO

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